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After brewing filter I empty the filter (throw it away if its paper, wash it if its metal), rinse and clean the apparatus, place a clean filter, (rinse it if its paper), add the coffee and brew. The aim is to brew with a clean, fresh apparatus. Pre-heated if desired.

When brewing espresso, I remove the portafilter, dump the puck, wipe the basket so it is clean and dry, dose, tamp, purge, insert portafilter and brew.

When I consider these methods side-by-side I am surprised by my apparent lack of concern for cleanliness when I brew espresso. If, after brewing a filter, I simply wiped it dry and neglected to wash the filter (metal) or replace it (paper), I would consider that rather sloppy work. Needless to say, lacking in quality.

Another observation is the concern for a dry filter when brewing espresso but not when brewing filter. Is a dry basket for espresso a well-founded requirement based on solid research or another espresso myth? Should I be more concerned with washing the basket and portafilter every time?

This probably just gives me a research idea. Extraction yields: dry, wiped basket vs washed, wet baskets.

Watch this space 🙂