Why Buying Hot Chips Reminded Me of Getting a Coffee

Got fish and chips for dinner last night. Got out of the car, crossed the road and before even entering the shop we had chosen exactly what we wanted. We had never been to this particular take away before but hey, they’re all the same, no need to look at the menu.

It hit me at that time that this is how the majority of people think of, and order, their coffee. We see a coffee shop, know what we want before entering, and order the usual. After all, aren’t all coffee places the same? (interesting to note that this might explain the frustration some customers have when they’re chosen item isn’t available).

If specialty places are to work, (that is, those offering a variety of high quality coffees with little to no additives), we should address this by ensuring that our customers don’t enter our shops with a preconceived idea of what they want, but rather an attitude like “lets see what they have today”.

I think this is down to us. Thinking of new and different ways to portray our product in the minds of our customers. I think it’s an exciting thought!


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